Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Just a couple of quick pictures for you of my latest papercrafting attempts - 1 Christmas card & 1 'J'Adore Paris' collage... I'm getting a tad hooked on glueing little bits of paper together & haven't made any jewellery for a while. I think I work in circles though & maybe one day soon I'll figure out to incorporate the two.

May I just add that really has done the most adorable Halloween build up on her blog which is pretty beautiful anyway & the little cupcakes she's made look great!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Favourite Time Of Year

I love this time of year I get to pretend like i'm seven again: kicking up piles of leaves, exhaling warm air out through my nose so that I look like a dragon (in my head anyway) & wearing a zillion layers, a wooly hat, a scarf & mittens! Its really really crisp outside & suddenly wrapping paper & Christmas cards start appearing & it gets all very exciting...
Today I actually bought wrapping paper. I'm quite proud of myself for having sorted out three Xmas pressies already & October isn't even over yet. Kind of missing the whole Halloween thing this year as I'm working tomorrow evening so Xmas it is...
My business cards (FREE from arrived this morning which I'm quite excited about. I took a photo but it was awful, so you'll just have to buy something from my shop if you want to see one, ha ha!
I'm off to finish off a collage I'm doing... if it turns out well I'll get a picture on here soon...

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Today ive been up for 2 hours & all ive done is eat breakfast & read other peoples blogs. Two hours! Blog reading is addictive.

Yesterday I had a go at card making (I still have star confetti all over my floor..) using some postcards I've got as the main pictures. Pictured here are a couple of attempts.. I used some very old Paris postcards & some very new Blythe postcards! It was quite good fun & got the wheels in motion for some collaging ideas.

I'm disappearing now otherwise i'll get absolutely nothing accomplished before I go to the Day Job!
Your fairy is called Thorn Hailwand
She is a protector of the lonely.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
She is only seen when the seer holds a four-leafed clover.
She wears purple and green like berries and leaves. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Credit crunch...

Hello again just a little line to tell you about a brilliant little website which is a bit of a godsend for all us English credit crunchees... its & its set up to buy & sell 2nd hand books. The books are rated from 'perfect' to 'good' so you can buy peoples xmas pressies there or (like me!) you can sell books on there. Handy!

I'm working a lot of hours in my Day Job this weekend so once i've finished my Wispa bar i'm off to work but i did receive some felt beads today from so i'm looking forward to some more beading creativeness... making a twist on my limoncello earrings?
Clocks go back tonight... one extra hours sleep!!!!!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Getting Started...

Hi i'm Charis & i'm new to the world of blogging but i'm going to give it a try...

I have recently started making jewellery & have found myself drawn to the mediums of wool & felt which is intriguing as I can't even knit! So my plan is to learn as much about these mediums as I can... learn to felt.. learn to knit... or will crochet be easier??!

Here are a couple of my creations...

This first one is a Tibetan silver fairy threaded onto multi stranded wool threaded with felt beads. Its incredibly lightweight & quite cute.

The one above is the Berry Nice Choker: various beads in berry colours & 3 large (almost 2" in lenghth) felt shapes as focal points all threaded on to copper wire as a multi-strand choker with a hook & eye fastening.
I currently buy my felt pieces from other crafters on which is an absolutely amazing site for those not in the know! Some of the artists on there are so inspirational & its an incredibly addictive site!
One of the other skills I shall be working on is my photography as I realise that displaying my pajamas in a shot of something i've created isn't really a good thing!
I am off to do some work but i'll be back soon...