Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Blog

Hi guys... I have a new blog now...


The reason for this is simply that i find wordpress easier to use than blogspot so I have set up camp there for my longer musings etc... I'm hoping to see you guys over there, just leave a comment to say hi x

I will keep posting on here too, mainly updated pics of what ive been up to xx

Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy March

Just a quickie update whilst i'm at my mums in Norfolk...

*Glorious weather!!!! Its cold but its SUNNY...

*SEW SIMPLE @ Taverham, Norfolk. A fantastic crafting shop with a cracking haberdashery section. I got the cutest fabrics but you'll have to wait til i'm home to see the pics :)

*Lots of photo ops! Well lots of flowers which is, in my opinion, the same thing!

*Freee beads courtesy of mum...

*Made my first ever ATCs... pics coming soon....

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hello Long Lost Friend!

A little selection of what Ive been up to lately...
1. Actually this depicts an episode of Boston Legal I watched y'day where Danny Crane & Alan Shaw dress up as flamingoes at the end. It was a war episode, a pretty intense one. This flamingo is better looking than those two though! I have been watching Boston Legal alot. Confession over.
2. Slate & Berry necklace Ive made. Black felt beads & upcycled beads on suede thonging. Available on folksy http://themonstermaker.folksy.com
3. Decadence. Felt beads, felt nubbles & upcycled beads. Its big, its chunky & I lurve it!
4. Matilda. She is stuffed with polyfibre.
5. Peggy Sue. Polyfibre stuffed, merino wool, entirely handsewn!
I'm really enjoying making the monsters, they're fun! However I don't use a sewing machine, they're entirely handsewn so they do take me a few hours!
I've been working a lot to make ends meet but I end up doing so many hours that I get really tired & my immune system is screwed so I keep getting sick as I have been again this week! My brother has recommended multi vitamins so of course I shall obey & attempt to build up my immune system. The flipside of being sick is that I have watched a lot of TV!!! Bones, CSI (all 3), Ghost Whisperer, Greys Anatomy, Boston Legal, Medium, King of Queens, Home & Away, Mistresses, Everybody Loves Raymond, A Town Called Eureka, Heroes.... Get the picture??? Luckily I can sew & watch!
Next week... I have a week booked off. Yay! Except... its a year since my stepdad died & I'll be spending it with my mum & it could be kind of a difficult week. We shall see... Right at the end of it though is be best friends daughters 1st birthday so that will be fun! Millions of babies! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! I may need another week off at the end of it all!
Gotta go, lunch is ready, hope you're all well x

Monday, 16 February 2009

Introducing... BERTIE

Hello. I'm Bertie. I'm a Lentil Monster. I'm made with curtain fabric offcuts & stuffed with dried lentils & I'm handsewn.
I've been triple stitched to make sure my lentils stay in & I feel a bit like a small bean bags. I think i'm cute & my hair looks like Nik Naks. What do you think?

Saturday, 14 February 2009

New Photos

I'm loving the camera! I am also loving the curtain/blinds offcut I got y'day for £3 as its making a fantastic funky & fruity background for all my jewellery shots! Bargain!
All these pieces & more are available in my newly updated etsy store x

Friday, 13 February 2009


My newest brooch, pic taken with camera, the colours are almost right! The detail is clearly visible... all I need to do now is learn to keep my hands still, tee hee!
Anyway this cute needlefelted brooch is available for sale at http://ukstreetteam.etsy.com

Newly Discovered Artist...

These are all by an artist called Catherine Martin, aren't they amazing? Very bold but almost whimsical at the same time. Shes a Canadian artist who usually does graphic design but I loved these so I thought I'd share!
Today i was given, on extended loan, a digtal camera with macro function!!!!! Hooray!!!! Have to wait til tomorrow to take any good pics though as I want natural light. But thank you Emma!!!
Also Em & I went charity shopping today... I picked up a flowery crockery set, an owl tealight holder & a little wooden owl, 2 very long beaded necklaces that I shall be unpicking for the beads, Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee, a russet coloured very warm cardigan, a kilt pin brooch & from the curtain shop down the road, 3 different curtain fabric offcuts!! Quite a successful shop I feel.
I'm off to decide whether or not I really want to go out tonight... hopefully tomorrow I'll be posting some new pics... x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hair Clips

These aren't for sale yet but they soon will be... how cute! I really like these & now I want to make more... just need to get more hair clips to get busy with.
Have a half finished brooch that I can't complete as I can't find my brooch backs... doh! I think you'll like it though, its another felt creation but it has two tiny vintage owl buttons on it that are to die for!
I have to potter off to work now so I bid you adieu xxxx

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

flickr addict!

A peek at some of the fiber artists/textile jewellers ive been drooling over... HELOISE, CREATIVE CHICK, FANCY PICNIC & CATHY CULLIS.
I'm on there as feltfuschia, its great fun... if you're not on flickr, join! The pics you come across are awesome!
Also today I joined the UK Etsy Street Team. Yay!!!!
I'm off to bed, love you x

Monday, 9 February 2009

Happy February!

1) Painting by the incredibly talented French artist, Miss Tigri, (2,3,4) my newest necklace, Lilac Loves. Its very cute!
So, I suck at keeping this up to date so far this year... putting in alot of hours at work & then when I'm home i'm trying to make pieces, update my flickr page & trying to fit in some QT with my long suffering fella!
I updated my etsy store recently & am now not sure whether or not to keep my feltfuschia website as a shop too, or just use it to put my work up. Trying to get your jewellery out there online seems to take up more time than making it, which seems wrong...
Anyways, keep popping back & saying hi as will I to you x

Friday, 30 January 2009

Photographic Frustration

I am getting sooooo frustrated with my inability to take good photographs of my jewellery... The light in my flat is really bad, especially this this time of year with no good sunlight, & I still haven't gotten my mitts on a digital camera so am using my mobile phone!
I am going to have to pick up a camera very very soon... it makes such a world of a difference when you can get good, clear, close-up shots of your jewellery... I think its pretty essential in order to sell online.
Well now i'd better put aside every spare penny....

Sunday, 25 January 2009

I Wrote This For You

I found the most beautiful blog this morning I Wrote This For You (look in my blog list) its lovely!

Ive had my first lay-in in ages & now i'm watching Countryfile with Mr Joaly & we're feeling a bit jealous of the girl who works at a seal sanctuary. Mr Joaly said she was 'glowing' (like the pic above!)... we want to glow too!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Work, work, work

Well ive been doing NOTHING but work lately but on Tuesday night it was our staff party & we really went for it! Thats me on the right with 2 of the lovely girlies I work with, Arena & Hana. It was a great night!

Ive made a couple more pieces & Ive updated my etsy store & feltfuschia but i'm definitely struggling with work, making things & updating the stores and keeping my blog up to date!

I hope you guys out there are all good, i'll swing by your blogs & say hi, i'm going to have to disappear off to bed now... xx

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Under The Sea

I made this piece today & am very excited by it as I think it's one of my best pieces so far!
Ive used handspun merino wool (from alchemyfibrearts.etsy.com) which ive hand sewn upcycled pink-dyed shells & handcut felt shapes on to & wrapped with contrasting coloured wool.
Inspired by pictures of coral reefs I think that the feel & the colours of this piece are very organic. Its lightweight & a great statement piece... is it jewellery or wearable art?
(Available now at themonstermaker.etsy.com)


Just a quickpost to say that yep, I am slacking on the blogging front at the moment, but I am putting a lot of hours in my day job... so I am alive & well & I leave you with cute Blythe pics!!! Proper post soon I promise x

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Rockabilly Fest!!!

Here are a few rockabillys too feast your eyes on... I think I'd be quite a good rockabilly. If this is your thing you should checkout www.dollydagger.co.uk its an awesome 50's fest!