Monday, 9 February 2009

Happy February!

1) Painting by the incredibly talented French artist, Miss Tigri, (2,3,4) my newest necklace, Lilac Loves. Its very cute!
So, I suck at keeping this up to date so far this year... putting in alot of hours at work & then when I'm home i'm trying to make pieces, update my flickr page & trying to fit in some QT with my long suffering fella!
I updated my etsy store recently & am now not sure whether or not to keep my feltfuschia website as a shop too, or just use it to put my work up. Trying to get your jewellery out there online seems to take up more time than making it, which seems wrong...
Anyways, keep popping back & saying hi as will I to you x

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amyrehnae said...

I know exactly what you mean...promoting seems to be like yet another job! Sigh. 6 more hours in the day or a wife?! Choices, choices...ha!