Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hello Long Lost Friend!

A little selection of what Ive been up to lately...
1. Actually this depicts an episode of Boston Legal I watched y'day where Danny Crane & Alan Shaw dress up as flamingoes at the end. It was a war episode, a pretty intense one. This flamingo is better looking than those two though! I have been watching Boston Legal alot. Confession over.
2. Slate & Berry necklace Ive made. Black felt beads & upcycled beads on suede thonging. Available on folksy
3. Decadence. Felt beads, felt nubbles & upcycled beads. Its big, its chunky & I lurve it!
4. Matilda. She is stuffed with polyfibre.
5. Peggy Sue. Polyfibre stuffed, merino wool, entirely handsewn!
I'm really enjoying making the monsters, they're fun! However I don't use a sewing machine, they're entirely handsewn so they do take me a few hours!
I've been working a lot to make ends meet but I end up doing so many hours that I get really tired & my immune system is screwed so I keep getting sick as I have been again this week! My brother has recommended multi vitamins so of course I shall obey & attempt to build up my immune system. The flipside of being sick is that I have watched a lot of TV!!! Bones, CSI (all 3), Ghost Whisperer, Greys Anatomy, Boston Legal, Medium, King of Queens, Home & Away, Mistresses, Everybody Loves Raymond, A Town Called Eureka, Heroes.... Get the picture??? Luckily I can sew & watch!
Next week... I have a week booked off. Yay! Except... its a year since my stepdad died & I'll be spending it with my mum & it could be kind of a difficult week. We shall see... Right at the end of it though is be best friends daughters 1st birthday so that will be fun! Millions of babies! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! I may need another week off at the end of it all!
Gotta go, lunch is ready, hope you're all well x


Alex Mason said...

Hi hope you are having a good week! xx

Charis Sharpe said...

Thanks Alex... so far, so fun! Me & mum are having a good time x