Monday, 8 December 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Its my birthday today!!!! Piccy 1 is me being birthday-silly, piccy 2 is me modelling Snowflake, piccy 3 is Ice Princess (Both of these were made the same way as Crimsom Berry, see last post), piccy 4, the bracelet I made for my friend Kaths birthday, & piccy 5 my friend Kath modelling said bracelet!
I am very proud of the bracelet.. Kath has tiny wrists so it was difficult to get the lengths right.
This evening we (Me & Mr Joaly) are going out to a little French restaurant with Kath & Mango, her fella, I'm very much looking forward to it! I do feel completely rubbish, sore throat etc, so I shall dose up on Ibuprofen & go out & play anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Wow a photo that I don't look too crap in! Am also feeling the cold so am dosing up - what a pair we will be! See you later!!