Thursday, 11 December 2008

Off Sick

So yesterday I got sent home from work sick, possibly due to the fact that a) I clutched my throat everytime I spoke & b) I was very very very grumpy (Not appropiate for a Restaurant Host!) due to my pain. Anyways I managed to get the above made whilst hiding under my duvet doped up on amoxicillin... 1) El Dorado 2) Purple Vine & 3) Green Goddess. All are made with upcycled beads & are in the lariat style.
Ohhhh I forgot to tell you about my birthday present from my mum... Its a bracelet making kit with nylon wire, seed beads & sequins & the thing is, to make them... you have to KNIT!!!!! So now I have accepted the challenge. I will learn to knit. If only because the finished articles apparently look beautiful. If anyone has any good knitting tips PLEASE let me know!
Its PAYDAY tomorrow & I cannot wait! I have only a very very limited spending amount to be honest but I'm thinking is going to be worth a peek, as well as for some more crystals as I appear to only have Tigers Eye & Aventurine chips left & I'm after some rose quartz.. maybe a cute stamp from maybe a scrapbook so that I can try that... the more i look at the more I want to try scrapbooking. Elsies stuff is beautiful! And maybe a BellatrixArt print for Mr Joaly for Xmas...
Speaking of Xmas... apart from Mr Joaly, I think the presents are done! Just need to get a bigger tree (mine is about 1 foot!) & lots of nibbles because we have my dad here for Xmas this year... hhhmmmm... lots of cups of tea & me ignoring them rant about the state of this country blah blah...
The electrician is here to fix our heating so I'm away... *********

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